It is the mind and spirit that is evolving rapidly.


Those who cannot embrace, cope, or are stubborn to change will extinguish themselves. Those who cannot grasp the difference, align with the shift(s), those who choose to not try, will choose to stay behind, figuratively, yet very real in sense of despair… A death by separation, and resign… an alienation from the truth of our own intuition… Truth; so forfeited, because it has been unseen and unwarranted for too long…a truth rigged and cheated by fear.


It is a nurtured fear of the egotistical mind; An ego-mind that is stroked and coddled by false heads which keep us separate and removed… we see more dark than light, we are more comfortable in dark than light, we are used to wrong, so it feels right… Dark meaning, in absence, absence of light… Light meaning, and given to, the ability to see; the Vision by removal of the veil(s); the revealing, discovery, the Knowing…Light showing the way of all true things and forms… Light being; the truth, Dark being; the absence of truth.


The appraisal of fear, in order to dim our light and truth has been the dealing of dark forces decade after decade since our "birth" and transition to this modern, civilized, world… civil, only in the sense that we kill each other (and ourselves) by gross negligence rather than an accountable hand.


Dark Forces perpetuate personal and world-wide pain… pain in exchange for "relief" i.e., power (handed over), in a world where we think power, is transient and not inherent. Dark forces foster and continue a society of invalids. Invalids; adults too panicked, impoverished, and otherwise unable to think, do and choose for themselves, though they often believe they do...ignorant to the way things can be, distracted and continually lied to; following suit, following line, over and over ‘til there’s no life left... it’s not our fault, until we begin to see.


In the absence of light, Dark Forces (the bleakest parts of us; our immoral, cruel, unconscious selves) are able to manifest lies and pass them off as truths. Dark forces illicit situations and conditions which secure the preponderance of their influence upon us… false symptoms, and desires; conducive to limiting, dividing and confusing us… we are stagnated in illusion, unable to fathom sweet reality… Dark forces have our blind advantage, and lead us into living nightmares…


Here, you see us walking (barely) through a constructed house of fear (fear building from our inability to truly see); a "fun house", a haunted house (the haunts of our yearning souls) pitch black, we hear many screams… we sense danger, we hear the thuds of our fallen who have went just ahead… we are restless with the turmoil and reflection imparted on us…we feel attacked, we are on guard… we want to fight, we want to endure, we just want to make it, and get out… that is the life we are living in the dark, in this house. When we cannot see, we brace ourselves and look for any semblance of a way; we begin to follow shadows and false images. In this house (not a Home), the faint-hearted are suggested, ‘Don’t go in’, for the trauma of this life may cause illness, illness of the mental sort, and mental illness, transfused to body, transfused to soul, may cause physical/pre-mature death… it may be over-whelming... we must learn to relax. We must learn to navigate. We must learn to remember; remember that we have an inner-vision and an inner-light that can take us (all) out of this place. If we knew that it was all construction, a ploy/play, we’d take control of our perception and channel it all so differently. If the lights were turned up and the images shattered, we wouldn’t see monsters and demons, ugly-gruesomeness… we’d just see smoke, & mirrors…figments and reflections of a distorted order we erroneously accept as our own. A (dis)order that bewilders, and sometimes makes us so convoluted in our confusion/despair that we lose sight of our true natures, reflect the shadowed images and continue heretics of the insane and unreal. Sickness, comes from the denying of our own truths....which is that we are light and love in a world that promotes fear and illusion…. But this is changing…


Right Now.


The Earth is moving, and our people are evolving, simply because our maturation cycle has come full-term again and we’re seeing all the cracks in the facade. It is all being re-constructed, and that offers an exciting new possibility… a new house, that can now become a Home. Building and re-decorating...making way for large family. We have been in a gestation period that has often seemed agonizing, but we’re due for a great deliverance; a beautiful re-birth, this time, a self-aware Universe.


We must welcome this transcendence. We must contain and dispel our (shadow) selves. We must re-adjust and make preparations for this new life, of and in our true likeness. We must not fear the changes/departures; it is all part and parcel of an eternally unified whole. We must trust in the light within us and in the light of others. Open our inner eyes in order to recognize/see. We are present now, moving in awe. The movement has manifested in many ways, shapes, forms, and eras (with many names, phases/faces), yet common in one cell (one soul), growing and evolving in the Great cosmic belly…


All this shifting, all this movement is simply one of Love (Truth/Knowledge/Light).
We are (re)discovering our own love of life and what is real; we are the love that is birthing… love in all its incarnations; within, and beyond…


In order to facilitate, and indeed survive this/our birth, we must let go of fear. Death makes way for things anew… let it be; death of our old view, death of the world as we’ve known it. To get through, we must find the strength, discipline and vision within ourselves. We must feed the love within, nurture and care for it, then let it out…we need all the healthy love we can get…


Our reality is being shaped every single conscious second, and it’s moving quickly… let us look to our elders, who have repeatedly told us that all we need is Love…


Love, and love passionately (purely)… for in this transcendence and (r)evolution to higher mind, and spirit, it is the most loving (the Wise) who will continue, and who will usher in a brave, beautiful, and ever-emerging, new world.

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